NOVEMBER 2, 2020 Hanford Dia de Los Muertos evento cibernético

~~~~~~~~HMTC will present Hanford Dia de Los Muertos Evento Cibernético~~~~~~~
It will be the 4th year that Hanford Multicultural Theater presents such an event, but the first time in a digital platform. It will showcase on Monday, November 2 at 5pm on YouTube and be available all year.
Vendors, artists, altar dedication builders, and organizations will be featured on a YouTube channel to commemorate the event. The plus for viewers is that they will get to know the people behind the booths, stores, altars, and non-profit organizations that have been a part of the HMTC’s sponsored event. An additional plus is this presentation will be available all year to view.
This year viewers will get a closeup of the participants than strolling by them in the park.
HMTC will accept video and photos from these contributors and any others for a permanent presence on YouTube. The contributors will set up their booths with merchandize, probably in their driveway, with Dia de Los Muertos decorations. Others will make altars in their living rooms or garages. Food Vendors will show their menus and indicate where they are located. Maybe dress in costume and have face paint on!
Dia de Los Muertos is important to HMTC. It’s a day to remember our ancestors and loved ones who have crossed over. This is a multi-cultural experience we all have. We all have relatives and friends who have crossed over. We remember them with this wonderful indigenous Aztec tradition that makes us take time every year to clarify our devotion to their memory. Especially now when many have passed over from complications of Covid-19. Perhaps, someone will make an altar to the 189,000 Americans that have passed from this so far, and the 891,000 deaths worldwide.
If you are interested to participate on this cyber event, apply online at this link. Due date is October 5, 2020.
If you need more time let us know by calling 559-997-3838 or email ~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~.

Vendor applications Deadline Oct 5
(*But if you need more time call us and we will try to accommodate)